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Booking your rooms to Spoleto , Umbria

The recently renovated B & amp; B “Little Paris” is located in San Giacomo, a hamlet of the Municipality of Spoleto, on the Via Francigena near the important San Sabino station. Immersed in the peaceful and hospitable Umbrian countryside. Hence the name “little Paris”, a nickname used since ancient times to indicate the pretty square and the enchanting Castle of San Giacomo di Spoleto.
Its position, on the Via Flaminia, an ancient Roman consular road, just 5 km from the vital center of Spoleto, allows you to visit the most beautiful and renowned Umbrian towns, places with an evergreen, uncontaminated, radiant nature, characterized by small rich medieval villages. of history, monuments, art and spirituality.

The territory

Holiday Apartment

The lovely building consists of two floors.
All the rooms are furnished maintaining a characteristic rustic taste, typical of the Umbrian hilly areas.


Events in Spoleto

Wines in the World

Wineries on display between culture, art and entertainment.
Four days full of events dedicated to the world of wine, to the taste and pleasure of beauty in a setting of absolute charm. Meetings, exhibitions, tastings and shows are the ingredients of an event that grows in favor of the general public with each edition.

Festival of the 2 Worlds

Also known by the name of Spoleto Festival, it is an international event of music, art, culture and entertainment that takes place annually in the summer, in the city of Spoleto. The event reached the peak of world fame in the first thirty years of activity, inspiring similar events in the world.

Don Matteo

Don Matteo is the Rai1 fiction that aired for the first time in 2000. Over the years the series has enjoyed great success all over the world, from France to Finland, from America to Australia. It is a journey into today’s life and society, between crimes and heroics, generosity and humor, with the irreducible gaze of a man who believes in the possibility of change. Since 2013 the series is set in Spoleto. On the site of the municipality the map of Don Matteo’s places.

The Tibetan Bridge of Sellano

The new Tibetan bridge in the green heart of Umbria has finally been inaugurated, to enjoy an experience full of adrenaline and emotions.

ponte tibetano a sellano